Sainsbury's DM

Live well for less

The warmer months are a time people want to make the most of. We’ve all said ‘this is going to be the best summer yet’ before.

Sainsbury’s have got all the recipes, products and activities their customers need to take their summer to the next level. So we created a piece of direct mail that’s filled with ideas for whatever the July and August throw at them.

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Personalised promotions

Our brief was to create a DM pack to drive customers back in store as they hadn’t shopped for eight weeks or more. January’s a key time to save some cash, so a big old book of coupons would go a long way.

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Count up for christmas

Part of a wider campaign to get customers to count up all their Nectar points then use them to get money off a big Christmas shop. This particular piece was devolped for that key moment – cashing them in. We gave customers one last coupon, then some inspiration on how to put on a festive feast to remember.

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